Legal Expense Insurance

Have you ever wished you could talk to a lawyer, but felt you could not do so because of the perceived high costs or even end up trying to resolve the situation yourself?

Legal disputes are often costly and stressful to pursue or defend. The financial risk and uncertainty of the outcome deters many people from taking legal action. This is where Legal Expense Insurance can help!

Unlike conventional Insurance, Legal Access does not make a direct payment for a claim. Instead, the insurance covers the legal costs involved in pursuing or defending a legal dispute or claim. Legal Expense Insurance includes the appointment of attorneys and/ or advocates and the entire process of litigation is monitored and managed from start to finish.

Our core business is the Development, Management and Distribution of Legal Expense Insurance products and Services. Legal Access is our main brand product, specially designed to provide indemnify against legal costs and expenses on a wide range of legal disputes, including Personal, Commercial, Affinity Schemes and selected Niche markets.

Protection for:


Personal Legal Protection
Personal and Family matters relating to Civil matters, Criminal charges, Divorce, Custody and Maintenance of children, Identity theft and Labour disputes.


Business Legal Protection
SMME matters relating to Employment matters, Arbitration procedure, Civil and Contractual disputes, Debt Collection and Statutory Licensing

Affinity Groups

Affinity Schemes
Tailor-made solutions and/or discounted rates based on affinity membership to Retailers, Unions, Associations, Financial Institutions, Service Providers or Stokvel groups. Unique value-add services such as telephonic legal advice can be added at minimal cost.

Niche Cover

Niche Legal Protection
Tailor-made insurance solutions relating to specialised sectors such as Body Corporates, School Governing Bodies, Agriculture and Farming Communities, Estate Agents and Trustees. Specialised products such as Identity Theft, Rentkeeper Legal Driver and Court Bonds are some of the unique products available for the Niche market.